Pipe burst. A mysterious notion. Similar to winning the lottery but different from it at the same time.

While we would all like to avoid a pipe burst, nobody could resist a lottery jackpot. What is common in them is that nobody knows what they feel like until we actually experience them.

Believe it or not, you have much higher chances for a pipe burst than hitting the jackpot on the lottery.

We are totally unversed in raising your chances in gambling, however we can assist you in avoiding a pipe burst. To find out more about our proprietary product please proceed…


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During the planning and execution of our projects we have often come across the same question from our clients: “Can we offer any solutions to prevent water leakage?”


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YERA water leakage prevention system

Throughout the development of YERA products a unique device was born, the only purpose of which is to prevent or minimize damages deriving from

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View our products during operation. You can see the system in operation, and you can see indoor unit installation and installation of blocking unit.


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